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No class needed Trick Dog Test from your home!

I am offering video AKC Trick Dog Tests. I have attached the Trick Dog evaluation guide, Trick Dog lists, Application form for the test and registration forms if your dog is not registered with AKC.

Getting Started

Now let us get started!! You can teach your dog the tricks from the Trick Dogs lists and send in your achievements for each test in a video. You can send us a link to your video. We will then evaluate the video and approve the video. We then send you and AKC Video Verification Form signed by the Evaluator that you have passed the test. YOU will be the one to send in the Video Verification form, with Trick Dog Title Application and the Tricks checklist to AKC and their Fee.

What to send Evaluator before sending Video

What to send before sending the Video link. 1. Copy of Dog Title Application 2. Trick Test List that your are going to do. 3. Signed Special Registration Form for Trick Dog Evaluation

Need Help with Teaching Tricks?

If you are having trouble completing the test requirements instruction can be provided. Please email me or call on how to proceed.

Payment process instructions.

Thank you for letting me join the process of getting your AKC Trick Dog Titles. I look forward to hearing from you. I am offering special pricing of $10.00 for the first Title and $5.00 for additional Titles for your title evaluation during the social distancing time. If you go to the class page you will find the registration for the evaluation and can pay by Pay Pal. Please contact me before you get started. Annette Shannon

Pay with a credit card through PayPal:

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