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handler testimonialIn January of 2013, myself and my dog Indie signed up for an agility class that was taught by Annette. I signed up with the idea of just giving Indie something new to do and learn during the winter. He loved the classes. Annette suggested that I consider training to compete in agility. I had never considered competition. I was “mature” and out of shape and figured there was no way I could compete. But with Annette's help Indie learned to work further and further away from me, which meant I didn't have to run as fast as he did! Over the next few months we continued to train. In October of that year , my husband and I , Indie and our other dog Bunny retired in Panama. No more training.There was no agility here at the time we moved.

In 2014 Indie and returned to the United States to go with a friend to the Miniature Australian Shepherd National Specialty show. With only a few weeks in the states to get ready to show, Indie and I took the training we had received from Annette, and found some equipment to practice on. The foundation Annette gave us was strong. We might only have known the basics, but our basics were good. Even though we hadn't practiced in months,and had coaching for several months, Indie was High in Trail at the National show, making him the National Agilty Champion of his breed in 2014. I would highly recommend Annette as an instructor for agility. She is kind, consistent, and makes learning with your dog a lot of fun. If she can help make a “mature” out of shape person like me the handler of a champion she can teach anyone to have a great time and excel at agility!

Darla Gentry, and Ridgestar's Salute to Independence(Indie), Volcan , Panama

My puppy and I have had the opportunity to work with Annette Shannon at Approved by Dogs for the last two months and it has made such a difference with both her training and behavior. Annette is very experienced and knowledgeable and both my puppy and I have learned so much over the past several months. Annette has been so flexible and does the training at our Doggyland Daycare facility which is convenient because of my very busy work schedule. Not only does the pet owner get an opportunity to get involved in the training but we have also taken a field trip to a pet store which was a great experience as well. Annette is a pleasure to work with and does an excellent job of communicating what she is working on during the training and also regarding how things are progressing. Annette sends a report after each training session which is so helpful and also a list and description of the terms (commands that Annette is working on with my puppy). I highly recommend Annette Shannon and Approved by Dogs.

Robert, 04/01/2016

Annette Shannon is a fabulous agility instructor. We knew all along that she was kind, tactful, enthusiastic, and smart. She could manage incredibly diverse classes consisting of a variety of breeds, ages, and talents (dogs) and various levels of skill, talent, and dedication (humans!). What we didn't realize until we started competing was how well she was preparing us for competition.

Annette is a truly remarkable teacher and we and the sport of agility are might lucky to have her. She gives her all to every student/dog pair and it shows. At our first competitions, everyone in my group was winning their class. We are very proud of ourselves and each other, but we know we owe it to Annette!

Annie Zeck and FC Hathor Farms Petunia SW JE W-FD/MF (8 year old dachshund)

dog and handler testimonialThank you very much for all of the close personal attention we got from you in your class. Sunshine and I have gone through several classes at another dog training center and they were all so crowded and confusing and hard to hear. We did much better in your small more intimate setting. Thanks again!


Annette Shannon came to our home in Eagle Ridge to meet our Tasmanian devil/rocketship Labradoodle, Hannah. We were so exhausted and irritated as she had already eaten thousands of dollars, meanwhile completely ignoring everything under $20. We had paid $2500 for Hannah and didn't want to give her back.

Within about 90 minutes of Annette training us, we were amazed to meet and now love the new Hannah who consistently wants to be the best dog ever. Now we can enjoy her in our home without fear or financial ruin. It was the best dog gone money we ever spent.

Sincerely, Lori and Rick

Peanut(Pom/Chi) and I have been taking classes from Annette for over a year now, and have loved every minute of it!! She is an extraordinary instuctor that makes her classes fun for both Handler and dog! Annette has given us a solid foundation of Agility Handling to build on and go to trials with confidence and speed. Peanuts and I will be forever grateful to her for getting us thru some issues, with out giving up on us. She has an attitude, that, there is a way to correct most all of the problems we encounter with ourselves and our dogs! Her Focus Class is a hands-down winner!! We learned skills that we can use in building better relationships withour dogs, all through our life. Peanuts and I Thank You for all you have taught us, and for being caring and patient with us over the past year!! "Approved by Dogs" is a Winner!!!!

Peanut and Debbie, April 25, 2009