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Dog Behavior and Agility Training

Agility Classes

Anyone is welcome to participate in these classes; it does not matter if you are planning on competing or just having fun with your dog. People often change their mind at a later date. I use positive training methods and reward based techniques. All classes are taught to have the skills to compete. Each handler team advances through the classes at their own rate. Class sizes are small for more individual training. Safety is stressed for both dog and handler. Puppies 6 months and older may attend the Pre-Agiity class and continue on to Beginner Agility Foundation. The most importand part of learning agility is getting a solid foundation; this should be the starting point for all agility teams. Those who simply learn the obtacles and begin trialing with out a solid foundation will develop training problems that will have to be retrained. What your dog learns first is what the dog remembers! Annette Shannon For class days and times, please call 509-998-2406.

Core Strength Training for the Performance Dog

$70 for 6 sessions:

develop core strength for performance sportsThis class focuses on getting your dog stronger for performance and help prevent injuries. We use weight shifting to activate stabilizing muscles. Performing exercises on balance equipment will help work your dog’s core and activate those smaller stabilizing muscles.

We will be teaching a proper warm up routine and cross training to build endurance, balance, and strength. There will be exercises for cardio, flexibility and range of motion. We will be using therapy balls, cavaletti, treadmills and various exercises to help improve your dog's ease of movement in the ring and improve performance levels.

Pre-Agility (Obedience for Agility) For Puppies to Adult dogs

$70 for 6 sessions:

Pre-Agility is a prerequistive for Beginning Agility Foundation unless you have permission to skip this class by the instructor. We will be training attention, moving together, stays, recalls with distractions, body awareness, working off leash, working both sides, toy motivation, working with focus and games to build drive, all to build a relationship towards focus and safe agilty. Clicker training will be introduced and shaping behaviors will be taught. Special clickers will be provided. None of these exercises put stress on your puppy's growing bone plates.

Beginning Agility/Puppy Agility Foundation

$70 for 6 sessions:

Foundation is critical for successful agility. Handlers will experiment with variety of maneuvers, understanding the impact of the handlers' path and the movement of the dog's performance. Handler and dog will learn together in synchronization how to work as a team. You will work on jumps, shadow handling and distance work, and introduction to other agility obstacles. Foundation teachs skills to be able to neqotiate the obsticles for the safty of the dog and handler.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstacles I

$70 for 6 sessions

You will learn timely commands to provide consistent and smooth body cues to develop teamwork - front crosses, rear crosses, serpentines and threadles. Handler will begin working on weave poles program. Other obstacles will be introduced.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstacles II

$70 for 6 sessions:

Handler will begin learning the contacts and equipment properly with current training methods and techniques. Handler and dog will continue working the weave pole program.

Beginning Agility Handling/Obstacles III

$70 for 6 sessions:

The class is to develop a strong foundation in obstacle negotiation and handling skills. Integrates various agility handling skills in small sections of courses.

Pre Novice Agility

$70 for 6 sessions:

This course focuses on sequencing, walking the course and strategizing how to handle more difficult proofing challenges as well as perfecting foundation skills. Preparation for competition.

Novice Agility Competition

$70 for 6 sessions:

Handling Team will be competing in Novice agility level. Handlers are presented with the concepts necessary to further the development of the dog and handler as a team. The handling team will experience anything from drills and simple courses to more complex courses. Advanced handling techniques will be introduced.

Open Agility Competition

$70 for 6 sessions:

This course is designed for the dog and handler team competing in level of competition. Emphasis is on efficient handling, course analysis, distance and advanced handling techniques.

Advanced Competition Agility

$70 for 6 sessions:

This course is designed for the dog and handler team competing in and Excellent/Elite level of competition. Emphasis is on efficient handling, course analysis, distance and advanced handling techniques.